After the big #ClimateStrike – what next?


Here is my list of ten simple things we can all do to keep the momentum up to save our children’s future from runaway climate change. This is just the beginning!


ONE: Hug your children so tight tonight, especially uf they went to a march. Look them straight in the eye and say: I promise I will do all I can from now on to save the planet. We are in this together and we are going to sort this. Once you do this, the rest is easy.

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TWO: Keep marching and raising your voice. This is by far the most important thing just now. Join one of the weekly protests on the map. Politicians and institutions need to know our children’s future matters above all else – and we are prepared to do what it takes to protect it. Put “climate action” at top of your list of voting concerns. Invite your children to meet politicians when the come to the door.


Start or join an environmental book club like Friends of the Earth Ireland book club. Bring a climate book like Climate Generation to your existing book.

FOUR: Buy less, especially new stuff. Every single thing we buy uses energy. How much of it do we need? Our lives are overflowing with STUFF. Think of all the other ways to have stuff you need, including community sharing schemes, charity shops, second hand… Do more outdoors activities instead of indulging in shopping as a leisure activity.


FIVE: Vote with your wallet. Buy mindfully: whether it is plastic packaging or palm oil – make choices that impact less on our planet. Do it loudly and let the companies and the world know why you are making choices.


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SIX: Lower or cut out your meat and dairy consumption: red meat is hugely damaging to our planet due to methane emissions. Best to cut it out completely. Lower your consumption of other meat as much as you can. Why not go meat free for Lent or for one day a week?

SEVEN: Fly less or not at all. Flying is the guilty pleasure of our high carbon society. It is hugely damaging to the climate. Make a commitment now to fly less, particularly for pleasure and non-essential trips. Start a conversation in your workplace about shifting to lower impact ways of working.

EIGHT: Change how you commute. Public transport, walking and cycling are all great options if they exist. If you have money, avail of grants and invest in an electric car. Obviously to be low carbon you need to ensure your electricity supplier is 100% renewable! Lobby your local council for better public transport and cycling infrastructure. Encourage your local community to set up a “scooter train” or “bike train” to local schools.

Climate Choice

Climate choice concept as a person standing at a cross road junction between an unhealthy scene with grey polluted dirty and contaminated air contrasted with a green healthy horizon of plants and clean air as a metaphor for global ecology.

NINE: Invest in making your home more energy efficient. So much of our emissions come from leaky homes and buildings and over use of electricity. Grants are available to retrofit homes. Meters are available to help manage energy usage.

TEN: And above all else… Become more grateful for our beautiful planet! Spent more time outdoors connecting with nature and each other. It starts with embracing our mother earth. Join many others in taking a minute out each day at midday to reflect on the beautiful planet we have inherited. Connect with an online community like Vow to protect the earth. There is no earth upgrade.

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Daffodils in full bloom in December

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