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A Short Film: Why We Must Act Now

This short film is a trailer for my book¬†Climate Generation: Awakening to our Children’s Future. It is my own story of waking up to climate change and what it means. Climate change is not something far away. It is something here and now. It is something which is already affecting millions of people across the world. It is a phenomenon which will affect children born today is ways we can hardly imagine. It will affect our own families for generations to come. This dawning can be crushing – it can come down like a tonne of bricks. Yet if we allow that truth to come in, if we welcome it and let it shape us, there is hope. It is not a hope that we can somehow magically save ourselves from what has already been done. It is a hope borne from a belief in the power of the human-divine spirit which dwells in and between us. The only force capable of remaking and awakening us: a love that knows no bounds.

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