And so the 2015 blog begins…

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My blog has been a long time coming. Given the year that is in it (probably the most important year in global politics since I started thinking about such things in the early 1990s), I’ve decided there is no time like the present to get blogging. As a complete novice, I am not sure how it all works. Who on earth is going to read my random thoughts? Is this like Twitter but with more words? Or is it facebook with more meaty content? So this is a total leap in the dark – or rather into the blogosphere.
So what am I going to blog about? I guess I am going to share my thoughts on where the BIG DEBATES are going in relation to global issues – reporting on any big events I attend, and reflecting on what it all means for you and me… and especially our children. I have my two boys (aged 5 and 3) at the forefront of my mind when I write this. It is their generation that will feel the real effects of the leadership – or the lack of it – shown in 2015. It is about their freedom. If we take the bold steps and address climate change and sustainability, then they will have as much freedom to do all the wonderful things I have had the chance to do… if we don’t act, they will lack many of the freedoms we take for granted. And lets not forget – they will still be blessed in the grand scheme of things. Many millions of children will have far less than them in a climate changed world.
If you would like to know a bit of background to me and what is at stake this year, this article in the Village a couple of months back gives a good overview. This article on the climate summit in New York which I wrote last year also gives a flavour of where things are heading in this big year.
Why ‘charityandjustice’? For me, engaging in these issues is essentially about LOVE – our love for our world, our love for our children, love for those with less, and those with more…. and they are about JUSTICE – speaking up for the voiceless in these debates about the world we want to build. I have decided to call my blog – ‘charityandjustice’. From a Church point of view, I think we need a new understanding of charity and justice – but more on that topic in another blog. Let’s see where this goes.
I work for, but all things blogged about are my own views.

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7 thoughts on “And so the 2015 blog begins…

  1. I can’t wait to read your insights and reflections over the coming months, Lorna, because you have a unique way of getting to the heart of the matter.

  2. Enjoying your blog posts … have read them all now … and have now reached where it all began… thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts… your reflections and musings from your interior world … i love the concept of interiority and integral ecology. Thank you once again for tossing your ideas into the blogosphere!! As someone once said the world is full of little miracles and little magic moments waiting patiently for us to sharpen our senses!!

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